Consultative Selling Skills

For complex and relationship-based sales projects

Consultative Selling Skills

Value-based and customer-focused selling.

This business-boosting workshop will help you create, develop and close business opportunities using a consultative approach and a value-based (not price or product-led) proposition. It is suitable for B2B and B2C markets.

Consultative-based or service-based selling means working the way your customer wants to buy, not how you want to sell. It also means:

  1. Create an interactive and personalised customer experience. That is to focus on what the customer wants and how they like to buy, not just presenting products feature, facts or pricing.
  2. Building personalised value and great buying experience: Exploring and defining the value associated with solving or achieving customer needs and objectives – benefits not just features
  3. Matching your solutions to customer requirements and suggesting additional or linked products and services
  4. Looking beyond what the customer is enquiring about or currently buying now – up-selling and cross-selling
  5. Creating a positive and enjoyable buying experience based on trust and rapport

About the training

In a consultative or service-based sale, by contrast, the salesperson must take the role of an advisor, not just a ‘product promoter’. Customers demand expertise, service, advice and customisation during the sales process. Often customers insist on multiple calls or contacts with company to develop advantages that you can bring and reduce the perceived risk of changing, buying or choosing. In this way the salesperson, or consultant, often adds more value than the product or service alone. 

Who will benefit

This interactive and skills-based workshop will be of great benefit to all levels of sales consultant and advisor, whether B2C or B2B, and almost any level or type of service or product.

Key learning take-aways

This course will help you use proven strategies and tactics to build, manage and successfully close sustainable business opportunities using a consultative approach and a value-based (not price-led) proposition. This includes:

  • Increased impact of your new sales conversations, presentations and proposals – leading to faster decisions and increased conversion
  • Greater confidence, consistency and professionalism throughout the business development process
  • Enhanced sales questioning skills and techniques, leading to better, faster and more accurate development of customer needs, problems, value and expectations
  • Improve your people, communication, influence and persuasion skills when approaching, consulting or presenting your services and solutions
  • How to build value at all points in the customer’s buying process through your knowledge, skills and structured approach
  • · Proven ways to gain additional business and referrals from existing customers and contacts, through direct approach and lead generation
  • Being better able differentiate your firm, your solutions, track-record and expertise clearly and accurately with tailored value statements for each stage and for each opportunity
  • Overcome and avoid price-based objections, buying criteria and negotiation


This consultative selling training workshop is highly interactive and encourages participation through a combination of short presentations, group discussion, practical exercises (including structured role-play), case studies, and breakout sessions designed to help participants learn new skills and reinforce existing abilities. 

The course features extensive rehearsal and review of current and real-life pitches, presentations and proposals. 

Special features

A key feature of the programme is the trainer’s tried-and-tested 4Cs model, which helps embed the learning and encourages use of the techniques discussed.

Another key feature is that all participants are asked to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire. This asks them to identify some personal learning objectives ahead of the training, perhaps in discussion with a manager. They will also be asked to bring with them two typical or current sales opportunities or prospects and a report showing some sales KPIs from the last 2-3 months. 

Workshop outline - on request

consultative selling skills training course

consultative selling skills training course