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Live Online Business Training Consultant

Live Online Business Training ConsultantLive Online Business Training ConsultantLive Online Business Training Consultant

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Sales Prospecting

Consultative Selling

Sales Prospecting


Working Smarter

Consultative Selling

Sales Prospecting


Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling

Brilliant Customer Service


Brilliant Customer Service

Brilliant Customer Service

Brilliant Customer Service



Brilliant Customer Service

Sales Call Coaching


Sales Call Coaching

Brilliant Customer Service

Sales Call Coaching


About Graham Phelps - Online Business Skills Trainer

Specialist business skills coaching and live online training

Graham Phelps can provide high-quality business skills courses, with proven content and great results.

Topics include all aspects of sales, customer service, management, leadership and commercial skills.

Popular courses include:

  • Sales Prospecting
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Consultative and Value Selling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Key Account Management

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NEW: Brilliant sales coaching system

Graham Roberts-Phelps summarizes a unique online conversation assessment and coaching system. It is ideal for sales and customer service advisors.

Visit the dedicated website:

Example topics - all via live online learning

Live workshops and eLearning

Consultative Selling

Skills and techniques to create, develop and close business opportunities using a customer-focused approach and a value-based (not price-led) proposition. Two-day in-house training course with follow-up review workshop.

Value-based selling is about adding value through the way you sell, helping the customer make a quicker decision with more certainty and enjoying the process as well.”

This is the flagship of sales skills development training courses. Combining all the biggest and best sales training concepts and ideas into one new, easy to use set of strategies, set-pieces and skills. This includes topics such as consultative selling, solution selling, SPIN, Wilson learning, Sandler complex selling, sales process mapping, benefit and improvement models, strategic, customer-focused, value-based not price led, up selling, cross selling and more.

Sales Proposal Writing

This workshop-style training event covers all aspects of preparing, writing, proofing, editing and producing sales proposals, tender responses, bid documents and sales quotations.

  • Participants work on their own real-life documents; objectively editing and proofreading working in pairs.
  • Detailed course manual and materials, including a PDF writing reference guide.
  • Learning exercises to practice structuring, composing, editing and proofreading

Learning objectives include:

  • Evaluate and analyse bid requirements and align your approach to what your customer wants.
  • Get your sales messages across with more impact and clarity
  • Structure your bid documentation effectively.
  • Techniques to differentiate your bid from that of your competition.
  • Assess and review your submission to drive continual improvement.
  • Be confident that your value message is not lost; presenting price effectively.
  • Choose the style appropriate to your reader and situation.
  • Avoid common mistakes that impact on your professional image and effectiveness of your bid or quotation.
  • Use a checklist to help proofread the final bid document.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

A practical and interactive workshop that explores the most popular most effective advanced negotiation skills, strategies, principles and tactics.

At the heart of this training is the premise that business negotiations, whether you are selling or buying, are inevitable. However, where possible they should be planned for or avoided and their impact minimised. Where this cannot be done, the primary and secondary stages of negotiation should be performed and should serve to reinforce value, agree minor concessions leaving the final negotiation to more senior ‘deal makers’ around one or two key issues.

This course has been run for many different organisations including private and public sector organisations of all sizes

Business Writing Skills

"A very practical in-company training course that is ideal for all customer service, sales and technical staff"

This one-day workshop-style training event covers all aspects of preparing, writing, proofing, editing and producing high-quality documents, reports, web copy, blogs and emails*.  As well as the live training and group work, there is also a printed workbook, a quick reference guide and a review of best-practice template examples (prepared before the training).

*The course will be tailored to suit the writing output for each group.

The course is available on an in-house basis, run on your premises, with a choice of topics to focus on, including, emails, proposals, web copy, letters, manuals, reports and more. Work on your own documents and see real-time improvements!

Working Smarter - Time Management

Working smarter is a highly-practical training course that provides participants with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to:

  • Improve their personal productivity and create a more effective daily routine
  • Enhance their communication skills for greater clarity and understanding
  • Remove barriers and obstacles to making the most of their and others time
  • Learn to manage priorities and achieve deadlines; making time for the most important things
  • Strategies for dealing with procrastination (yours and others), distractions and pre-crastination
  • Increase your management ability and personal impact with a range of proven time management tools and techniques

Brilliant Customer Service

“Ideal training for all customer-facing and support staff.”

This course is aimed to create a consistent and quality customer experience based on outstanding communication skills, service values, respect and customer added-value.

Exceptional Customer Service Skills Training Course contains over 33 of the best customer service tips and ideas for improved productivity, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Learning points include…

  1. A proven model of advanced customer service excellence
  2. Managing expectations and turning around difficult customer requests
  3. Telephone tactics and techniques that really work!
  4. Email etiquette and best practice face-to-face communication skills
  5. Complaint handling and practical problem-solving
  6. How to keep a positive attitude, all day, every day.

New for 2019: eLearning

Microlearning, fast, low-cost bespoke training solutions

Bespoke eLearning 

  • Bite-sized training for busy people
  • Built on the Web…delivered over smartphones

Are you looking for a cheaper and more effective alternative or add-on to live training?

Welcome to a new type of learning and knowledge transfer, where lean training is effective training. We call it bite-sized learning or micro-learning. Here, every word counts. A lean approach to training has many of advantages for you and your employees. And it produces tangible results. Ideal for:

  • Sales and product training
  • Customer service and procedures
  • Retail skills, exhibition and security
  • Induction and processes
  • IT and system training

Smart phone-based eLearning can be developed in days not weeks and combines video, audio, quizzes, gamification, flashcards, spaced repetition and text. The great thing about mobile phones is that people are always using them!  Plus changes and updates can created and sent out daily if you choose.  I combine 25 years of experience with the latest elearning technology and methods. 

smartphone-based elearning

smartphone-based elearning

About Graham Roberts-Phelps


Business Training Consultant

  • Over the last twenty years I have personally trained or coached over 25,000 business professionals in 30 countries and hundreds of organisations. 
  • This includes many of the World’s largest and most successful companies.
  • I have a degree in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and am qualified NLP 
  • Master Trainer and member of International Institute of Coaching. Published author.



  • Substantial experience as a Senior Manager, Business Skills Training Professional and Sales Director.
  • Over twenty years’ business skills training experience.
  • Expert in training course and e-learning design and development.
  • Depth and breadth of knowledge in management, leadership, negotiation and personal effectiveness 


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