Graham Roberts-Phelps Professional Profile

Graham Roberts-Phelps

Business skills training and eLearning specialist

Managing Director and Founder, Brilliant Customer Service Training Ltd, author and consultant.

I provide a range of business skills training, coaching and consulting. This includes the design and of development of course content and now eLearning modules, which are also available as m-learning or smartphone learning apps.

The business skills topic I specialise in  include a full portfolio of leadership and management courses, plus consultative selling, presentation skills,  negotiation, technical support skills and  customer service strategies. I am also a published author with a growing range of business book titles.

Being a bit of workaholic that loves live training, over the last twenty years  I have personally trained or coached over 35,000 business professionals in 30 countries and hundreds of organisations, including many of the World’s largest and most successful companies.

My enthusiasm for training is equally matched by the expertise I have worked hard to develop in the subjects connected with business success: 

  • Leadership and management skills development 
  • Sales process management,
  • Negotiation and influence
  • Consultative selling
  • Personal development
  • B2B customer service skills. 

Delivery Style

My delivery style is highly participative, interactive and practical.  I can build rapport and credibility easily and naturally with any size or level of group and consider myself an expert communicator. 

This depth and breadth of both business and training experience allow me to call on a huge wealth of relevant and knowledgeable examples and case-studies in my course design.

One of the skills I can offer is the ability to design and facilitate high quality learning activities. This increases both the impact and enjoyment of every training course.

Professional Experience

I have a solid background in IT systems, financial markets and business services. 

Over the past twenty years I have established a successful track-record as a top-performing Account Manager, Sales Manager and Sales and Marketing Director with organisations including Hoskyns PLC, the Pearson Group and most recently Head of Sales Performance (Europe) for Thomson Reuters.

I hold a degree from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and I am a qualified NLP Master Trainer and member of International Institute of Coaching.

Other areas of interest

Besides undertaking regular professional training and coaching, I also write and design elearning materials, acts as a coach and mentor to individuals and groups and is a prolific business author. 

I have written a number of business books, including ‘Working Smarter, ‘Companies don’t succeed people do’, ‘Telephone Tactics’ and ‘Customer Experience Marketing’.


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