Brilliant Sales Prospecting - Training and eLearning

Practical and proven methods for getting new business

This two-day intensive training course will provide learners with the proven skills, knowledge and attitude to build a sustainable new business pipeline. 

  • How to self-generate or respond to new business leads and opportunities
  • Gain additional business and referrals from existing contacts
  • Save time and effort using proven business-development skills
  • Hit your new business sales target every month!

This highly-interactive training course has been designed to provide sales and marketing professionals, managers and consultants with the most-effective tools, tactics and techniques to develop new-business leads and opportunities.

It combines the best of new and old. That is both online  and off-line sales and prospecting techniques – uniquely combining them for maximum effectiveness.


Brilliant Sales Prospecting Course Outline

Key principles


  1. Five x Five campaign
  2. Sales goals
  3. Elevator pitches
  4. Who do you know?
  5. Target your market
  6. Organised persistence
  7. CRM 

Email writing skills


  1. AIDA 
  2. Free content emails
  3. Appointment pitch
  4. Impact email
  5. New enquiry
  6. Vertical targeting emails

Telephone skills


  1. Why calling still works
  2. When to call
  3. Call prompt sheet
  4. Cold calling blues
  5. Opening a call 
  6. Giving a reason to meet
  7. Key questions to ask
  8. Voice tone
  9. Gatekeepers



  1.  121 networking meetings
  2. Networking groups – how to  chose
  3. How to work a room
  4. Be a giver not a taker
  5. Follow-up after the event

LinkedIn as a sales tool


  1.  Why LinkedIn matters for sales prospecting
  2. A positive profile
  3. Connecting and messaging
  4. Using search tools
  5. Following companies
  6. Starting and using groups
  7. Third party tools

First meetings / calls


  1. Setting your objectives
  2. Planning & preparation
  3. First impressions
  4. Elevator pitch
  5. Structure your meeting
  6. Key questions
  7. Explaining your process      
  8. Answering questions
  9. Closing for the next stage

Brilliant Sales Prospecting - Training, coaching and eLearning

If you are looking to improve your new business development, then please get in touch. Thisi is a complete program covering: Key principles, email marketing, making appointments by telephone, networking, linkedin and first appointments or calls.

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Introduction to brilliant sales prospecting

Introduction and overview to the brilliant sales prospecting program. Available as an in-house training course, elearning and 121 coaching or consulting.

Module 1: Key principles

A quick overview of the six key principles of successful sales prospecting.