Brilliant Writing Skills Training Course

How to write to impress, influence and engage

A masterclass in business writing skills

  • Have you ever thought of how your writing could become even more effective? 
  • What makes a document easy to read and understand? 
  • How can we encourage our reader to read on and act quickly? 

This course contains practical exercises, discussion and one-to-one feedback from your trainer and peers will answer these questions.  Plus, you will learn how to get started, adopt the right style and tone for specific situations and enhance your image in your reader's eyes.

Who will benefit

The ability to write clearly, accurately and concisely is indispensable. It creates a positive impression, saves time and achieves objectives faster.

By improving your English writing skills, you will be able to achieve more efficient and cleaner communications, while giving your words more authority and power. Achieving this means using the right tone and lexicon, but also ensuring your grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct. 

Covering all these issues, this step-by-step course will increase your awareness and improve your knowledge of good written English - and therefore both your confidence and effectiveness in work-related writing.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Understand and follow the six principles of professional business writing, including planning, process and proofing.
  • Focus on and satisfy readers’ expectations to ensure your message is quickly understood and acted on.
  • Write convincing, persuasive and powerful documents that achieve their objectives.
  • Edit and proof to eliminate errors and streamline documents, so that they are always clear, concise and credible when you send or submit them.
  • Successfully plan and construct your documents; choosing the right style to achieve your objectives, the reader’s expectation and business situation. 
  • Avoid common mistakes that impact on your professional image and use a proven checklist to help proofread the final document. 
  • Build successful sentences and paragraphs – using punctuation that guides your reader. 
  • Follow the rules of grammar that matter, knowing which are obligatory, optional or defunct.
  • Keep documents succinct by making the best choice of words during the writing and then editing down as required.

These will be learnt through guided practice; written and oral exercises; analysis of different kinds of business writing; and examples of edited documents.  Use is made of a range of business texts – from emails and letters to memos and proposals.

Pre-course activity

It would be beneficial to bring along examples of your written work. You can then review them throughout the course and edit if appropriate. To help the trainer focus on your specific needs, you will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire. 


Download a full outline

Brilliant Writing Skills Training Course

Brilliant Writing Skills Training Outline (pdf)