Working Smarter

Working Smarter

The keys to time management and personal productivity online.

One-day training course


Working smarter is a highly-practical training course that provides participants with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to:

  • Improve their personal productivity and create a more effective daily routine
  • Enhance their communication skills for greater clarity and understanding
  • Remove barriers and obstacles to making the most of their and others time
  • Learn to manage priorities and achieve deadlines; making time for the most important things
  • Strategies for dealing with procrastination (yours and others), distractions and pre-crastination
  • Increase your management ability and personal impact with a range of proven time management tools and techniques

Who will benefit?

All managers, team leaders, professionals and administrative staff who have some discretion over how to manage their time and the need to balance priorities, to meet both immediate demands and longer-term objectives. Also managers tasked with achieving results and managing others.

Training methodology

This is an enjoyable, informal and interactive programme which combines:

  • Short engaging presentations on key topics
  • Relevant and practical learning activities
  • Follow-up online eLearning programme and coaching emails
  • Printed book: “Working Smarter…33 Time Management Top Tips” (Written by the trainer)

Course outline

Time is a dimension of everything we do at work and this is reflected in this comprehensive programme which not only looks at the core issues of planning and priority setting but also all dimensions of our working practices and personal effectiveness and how we can get the best out of other people.

Why are we here?

  • Introductions and personal learning objectives
  • How to stop working harder and start working smarter – seven key principles
  • The attitude factor – self-assessment and analysis
  • At least – A time management system that works!
  • What are your personal time-stealers and what are they costing you and your organisation?

Plan the work and work the plan

  • Focusing on key performance indicators using proven tools
  • Setting monthly goals and objectives
  • Creating a daily action plan and sticking to it
  • Planning your week and day using ‘time-slicing’ and other techniques

Personal productivity and how to gain one hour a day – every day

  • How to beat Murphy’s laws and ‘forces of nature’ that you need to allow for
  • Create a non-interruption zone – a golden hour – every day
  • Dumping trivia and speeding-up routine tasks with breakthrough ideas and tools
  • No more monkeys! – the art of reverse delegation, instant coaching and becoming more distraction resistant

Being organized through better communication

  • How to get your point across in 30 seconds or less, and encourage others to do the same!
  • Ten keys to working smarter as a manager or when communicating with others
  • Delegation – giving and receiving; managing expectations accurately and honestly
  • Effective, enjoyable and efficient meetings – best practice guidelines

Overcoming procrastination and precrastination

  • What are procrastination and precrastination, and why do we behave this way?
  • Identifying your ‘frogs’, ‘ants’ and ‘trolls’
  • The role of habits in improving our personal effectiveness and efficiency
  • A seven-day procrastination plan and habit-changing techniques
  • Effective planning and thinking strategies to resist putting off difficult decisions and actions

Personal organisation and work-life balance

  • Getting the best from technology, online tools. Planning systems, calendars and to-do lists
  • Making time for health, family and lifestyle activities
  • Achieving a good work/ life balance and managing stress


  • Learning summary
  • Personal action plans
  • Setting up e-learning and coaching emails