IT and technical customer service Masterclass

Brilliant IT and technical customer service Masterclass


This practical one-day course has a simple objective: to raise IT and technical customer service and support standards by instructing, equipping and inspiring participants to delight customers at every opportunity. There is an option for a second follow-up day which comprises of at-the-desk call coaching with live calls.

Participants will acquire essential tools, skills and methods; discuss specific organisational issues; and identify areas for improvement.

Training objectives

This course will help you:
• Advanced skills to better understand and manage customer expectations accurately so that you deliver more than you promise and exceed expectations – in what you do and HOW you do it
• Polish and sharpen your existing approach to more accurately establish the standards and systems that can make every customer feel special
• Practical ways say to “no” nicely and managing expectations assertively and in a way that does not detract from customer satisfaction, in fact will increase it.
• Improve your face to face, telephone and email communication techniques with new tools and skills that will help you solve questions and problems faster and shorten support issues time,
• Advanced questioning and explaining skills to clean up verbosity, noise and woffle – yours and the customer’s!
• A proven model to turn problems into opportunities – for either greater loyalty or increased customer satisfaction
• Measure and improve your customer satisfaction feedback through more accurate use of questionnaires and follow-up
• Make every customer feel SPECIAL – using a proven process.
• Manage your time and learn practical ways to prioritise customer calls and problems effectively
A unique feature of the course is that it addresses both the standards and the skills people use over and above their technical knowledge. The course features the SPECIAL model:
Speed and Time
Personal and personalised
Expectations – manage and exceed
Competence and courtesy
Long-term relationship and follow-through
Each of these points is related explicitly to the jobs the course participants do and their interaction with internal customers face-to-face, on the telephone or by email.
This course is ideal for IT and technical support staff, managers and team leaders, particularly those who support or work with internal customers.
The programme was originally designed as a one-day workshop but is increasingly delivered in a two-day format, allowing more time for practical work around communication skills.
Whether delivered as a one- or a two-day workshop, the training is very practical and objective. Very clear and specific skills, models and techniques are covered. The focus is on improving things that are already working, not going over old ground. Participants will discuss and plan new approaches to real-life examples taken from their own situations.
Each element of the course includes:
• High-quality training presentation
• Group exercises and team activities
• High degree of participation and interaction
The course includes regular discussion, planning and other practical exercises to develop and practise the skills and methods presented. Presentation and exercises can be tailored to specific situations from participants’ work. The style is up-beat and motivational.

Special features

The course can be tailored to include any specialist topics such as advanced telephone skills, dealing with complaints, internal planning, etc, according to organisational need or the skill level of the participants.

This course is available on an in-house basis, either for live training, small group coaching or consulting.  Free quotation and personalised outline on request.  All training can be personalised to your business free of charge. Bespoke course design and development and white-label training a speciality, including e-learning.

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