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Graham Roberts-Phelps/ Brilliant Customer Service are now partners with the Institute of Microtraining. We now offer all our courses with blended learning methodology.

About Microtraining


“The Institute of Microtraining“ (IOM) was founded in Innsbruck in 2010 and is now launched in the UK. It is considered by industry experts to be one of the most innovative training providers in Europe, well established in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Each course combines live and online elements, known as Blended Learning.
Business training based on the micromethod® of the Institute of Microtraining have been shown to be very effective in business training.

Participants have full access to training modules from their smart devices back in the workplace. There is a full range of ready-made, highly-practical training modules. Plus each Microtraining course is individually personalised, allowing for fast and effective learning. This combination of classroom-based training with Mobile Learning guarantees both immediate measurability of learning success, measurable time and cost savings. The IOM UK trainer pool is specially trained and uses a unique certified methodology. The individual UK locations of the Institute of Microtraining are managed by independent training partners.

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