‘Life’s a Pitch’ – The Art of Winning Presentations



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Winning Presentations, Winning Performance, Winning Business


2 days


Winning Presentations and Winning Performances are the key ingredients to Winning Business. ‘Big Pitch’ or ‘Big Presentation’ moments are not decided by chance – they’re decided by how you handle them. How you present your case is what makes the difference. It is the hinge on which the door opens. Everything in life is about this process – the pitch is about decisions: the decisions to give you the job, the decision to give you the funds to start your own business…even the decision to marry! If you get the pitch right, everything follows. And if you don’t, nothing happens.

This event is not dedicated to the 98% of our lives spent on the banal gaps between the big presentation moments. It’s dedicated to that 2% of presentation moments, which really decide the success, or failure of the whole 100%.


It is specifically designed for anyone needing to get the right decision or simple for anyone who wishes to develop their currently presentation capability to another level. Whether you are presenting internally to get what you want or to educate teams or pitching externally to win new business or promote what you can do for a client, this event is for people who will be spending 2% in presentation moments to give them the best chance of success.


  • Understand the importance of ‘Technical & Performance Capability’ when delivering ‘Winning Presentations’
  • Identify a ‘Winning Structure’ to Presentations to maximise success
  • Appreciate Industry Standards when it comes to ‘Winning Visual Aids’
  • Describe the vital components to the ‘Perfect Pitch and Presentation’
  • Consider your audiences buying drivers to inform your ‘Winning Presentations’
  • Analyse yourself and understand how you may portray yourself in front of others
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses when using interpersonal skills and gain tips and techniques on how to deliver a ‘Winning Performance’ every time
  • Recognise and understand audience members and how this will inform your performance
  • Create Presence by recognising the impact of your Words/Music and Dance and the impression they have on audiences
  • Build confidence in delivering a ‘small’ to a ‘big’ Presentations’
  • Practice delivering presentations and receive feedback on ‘Technical and Performance Capability’


The workshop is highly participative, constructive and enjoyable with 100% of the time being devoted to the acquisition of relevant practical skills. Results are achieved through a series of videoed presentations.  These are designed as a ‘vehicle’ to practice the skills, which have been introduced in formal input sessions by the tutor.  There will be the opportunity to present throughout the workshop, and to learn the skills from a variety of ‘perceptual positions’. Each participant will receive individual attention, coaching and feedback from the Performance Coach appropriate to their personal development potential. Encouragement is given to experiment with different presentation styles and to gauge the effect upon the audience.


The objective of this programme is to noticeably improve the impact, standard and professionalism of presentations, in order to influence, motivate and inform the target audience. The skills learned will enable individuals to develop their public speaking, and presentation skills regardless of the size of the audience. This will greatly improve the reputation of the organisation, as well as the presenter.


Day 1 AM

The Foundations

  • What makes a Winning Presentation and a Winning Performance? The Key ingredients to Winning Business
  • The Importance of ‘Technical and Performance Capability’ – it’s how decisions are made

Become a Presentation Technician

  • Introducing the 5 P’s to a ‘Winning Structure’
  • Break down each component down to understand how each ‘P’ is vital to success
  • Understand the essence of a ‘Super Start’, ‘Marvellous Middle’ and a ‘Fantastic Finish’

We remember 30% of what we see!

  • Discover how to create ‘SLICK’ Visual Aids to meet Industry Standards
  • Follow the ‘Golden Rules’ to Visual Aids to enhance ‘Winning Presentations’
  • Using Visual Aids as a ‘prompt’ and not as a script

Day 1 PM

The Perfect Pitch

  • Understand the importance of ‘Intelligent Research’ to become pitch/presentation perfect
  • Use ‘Organisation and Situational Knowledge’ to ‘SWOT’ opportunities
  • Become ‘Pitch/Presentation Perfect’ by considering ‘Decision Making Units’ and their ‘Buying Drivers’

The Alternative Pitch

  • Determine the 4 Stages to a ‘Consultative Pitch/Presentation’
  • Uncover the ‘BEST’ questioning technique to uncover client’s needs
  • Use the ‘PROEP’ model to make compelling proposals
  • 2’s company, 3’s a crowd. Top tips to Group/Team Presentations


Become a Winning Performer

  • What ‘image’ do you want to project in the eyes of your audiences?
  • How to present yourself in a way consistent with the image you want to project
  • How ‘theatre’ can aid in helping you create a positive impact and leave a positive lasting impression

Communication Excellence, Performance Excellence

  • What’s the difference between ‘Communication’ and ‘Interpersonal’ Skills?
  • The Importance of your Words (what you say) your Music (what you sound like) and your Dance (your body language) when it comes to Winning Performances

First Impressions Count

  • How to create a ‘positive first impression’ without even opening your mouth
  • Look confident and credible and win your audience over immediately by mastering an impactful ‘Opening Position’
  • Control and inform your audience through the power of your ‘dance


What makes us different?

  • Uncover yours and your audiences ‘Personalities’ and how this will inform your Winning Performance
  • Understand the need to ‘adapt and adjust’ each Winning Performance for any chance of success
  • ‘People buy people’ and ‘people like people who are like themselves’ – it’s easy to forget!

Take Control

Uncover ways to ‘Manage Nerves’ rather than them manage you

  • Manage ‘challenging audience members’ whilst at the same time making them feel valued
  • Understand the ‘components’ to a well managed Q & A session

Practice presentations and learning summary

This course is available on an in-house basis, either for live training, small group coaching or consulting.  Free quotation and personalised outline on request.  All training can be personalised to your business free of charge. Bespoke course design and development and white-label training a speciality, including e-learning.

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