International Purchase Negotiation in Practice

“Success is global”


This two-day course is designed for non-native English speakers who would like to improve their skills in negotiating with other cultures in English.

The format of the training is highly participate and interactive, with delegates working on real-life case studies and examples. Participants will leave the course with many new ideas and perspectives, as well as being better equipped to achieve greater business and personal success. The programme also includes a summary workbook and course notes. Delegates will be required to prepare and present a formal action plan upon completion of the course.

Each module will feature:
• A high quality training presentation
• Group exercises and activities, including role-plays
• High degree of participation and interaction
• Training structure and format

Who will benefit?

This highly practical workshop is suitable for all levels and types of purchasing and supplier managers and professionals. It will address precisely the need for more skilled negotiation of contracts, discounts, special terms and delivery expectations, plus the pro-active ‘management’ of suppliers.
It will allow already experienced and successful professionals a chance to further develop and refine their skills and knowledge when negotiating, whilst giving less experienced people foundation skills and practical shortcuts.

Key objectives

It has been designed to cover the vital core topics that are essential for successful commercial supplier negotiation in the global marketplace, with suppliers from different cultures. As well as the foundation skills and knowledge, attention is paid to helping delegates develop their English skills, cultural intelligence, assertiveness, confidence and control in international supplier negotiation situations.
The focus is on arriving at “win-win” solutions, rather than negotiating to win at all costs. It is based on the principles of developing relationships for mutual business gain and advantage, and how to negotiate strongly within this context.

Case studies and role-plays

These run throughout the programme. There are three role-plays during the two days, which are reviewed on video with comments and input from the trainer and other participants.

Planning for successful international supplier negotiations

This session introduces the concept of international supplier negotiation and looks at its’ importance in the context of the delegates’ activities. It briefly examines why we negotiate and the dynamics involved.

How to structure your supplier negotiations

This session presents an eight-step framework or structure for use in negotiating, and considers how best to prepare and plan your negotiations within the context of a supplier/customer relationship or business cycle. It also includes an introduction to the cultural differences to negotiation around the world.

Verbal negotiation skills in English

This session examines the human and communication dynamics inherent in any supplier negotiation situation, where English is used as the main language. It relates the importance of professional skills in preparing for an international negotiating in identifying needs, wants and requirements accurately and qualifying the competitive, cultural and organisational influences present in more detail.

Non-verbal negotiation skills

This session highlights how different personal styles, national cultures and organisation positions can influence events, and demonstrates practical methods for dealing with and controlling these factors. It also examines key principles of body language and non-verbal communication in a practical way around the world.

Proposing and “Packaging”

This module highlights how best to present and package your proposal. It looks at how to pre-empt the need for negotiating by creating minor-options and “bargaining” points, as well as how to manage the expectation and perception of the customer or buyer.

Getting to “Yes”: Tactics and strategies

There are many different tactics and strategies common to successful negotiators. This session looks at those that are most appropriate to the delegates own personal style and the culture of their supplier. The importance of “follow-through” is also explained and how to deal with protracted or “stalemate” international supplier negotiations.

Developing cultural intelligence

Building on participant’s own experience, this module focuses on how to change and adapt to work more effectively with suppliers from different cultures. These include dos and dont’s, differences in negotiation style and sources of more information.


The facilitator of this course is international trainer/consultant and published author Graham Roberts-Phelps.

This course is available on an in-house basis, either for live training, small group coaching or consulting.  Free quotation and personalised outline on request.  All training can be personalised to your business free of charge. Bespoke course design and development and white-label training a speciality, including e-learning.

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