Global Export Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Skills

Global business skills

An informative, practical and relevant training seminar for all African SME’s involved in exporting to Global markets, including UK, Mainland Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
Designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals seeking new business around the World.

The World’s getting smaller but doing business overseas can still be very challenging! Unless that is, you learn some useful tips, tricks and techniques and combine these with proven skills, methods and approaches that will increase your chance of business and trading success.
Regardless of your business sector, size or style, this interactive event will save you weeks of development time and lots of money in trial and error and wasted effort.

Who should attend

Business principals, business start-ups, investors, marketing professionals and business managers involved in creating, managing or developing overseas clients and business opportunities.
This three-day training seminar is due to be held in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda during 2016. It is created and managed by Brilliant Customer Service International and features a variety of topics and professionals who are experts in the different aspects of doing business on a Global scale.
Main modules
Marketing strategies for key overseas markets.
Sales and personal selling tactics for excellence in international selling.
CRM techniques and global service dynamics.

How you will benefit

  • Learn the key principles of International target marketing, sales and customer service skills
  • How to find opportunities for your services, products and company in different key global markets
  • Sources of help, finance and support and know-how plus where to find funding and partnership opportunities
  • Best practice principles in the use of technology in approaching, presenting to overseas clients
  • Pricing, distribution, packaging, positioning and key marketing strategies for key international markets
  • Review of case studies from the emerging economies such as Africa and global marketing opportunities
  • Understand the cultural differences that you need to use, apply and master to sell and serve effectively
  • Practice your English and other language skills
  • Creating a project pland and sales process for different key markets, i.e. USA, UK, China
  • Managing face-to-face and virtual meetings with skill, competence and courtesy
  • Written sales and marketing materials; creating winning sales proposals
  • Learn how customer service standards vary around the World and how to build a customer performance model for key markets
  • Using CRM to compete and gain advantage; on line marketing tools that provide low-cost ways or reaching International customers
  • Gaining confidence of customers remotely over time
  • Increase your customer skills over the telephone and by email.
    Plus many other vital learning points.

This course is available on an in-house basis, either for live training, small group coaching or consulting.  Free quotation and personalised outline on request.  All training can be personalised to your business free of charge. Bespoke course design and development and white-label training a speciality, including e-learning.

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