CRM and Customer Retention Skills

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer”

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Businesses of all types and sizes are increasingly recognising the complete experience enjoyed or endured by their customers is critical to customer retention, spend, profitability and growth.
This CRM and Customer Retention Skills training course addresses why the CRM and Customer Retention is vital. It helps delegates looking to learn from best-practice examples and develop, improve or execute a CRM and Customer Retention Skills strategy. The course also provides an outline of simple CRM and Customer Retention tools and techniques, including building a CRM and Customer Retention Skills business case.

Who will benefit

This event is ideal for both B2B and B2C businesses from almost any industry. This includes online, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, technology, leisure, health care, luxury goods and business and professional services.

Why you cannot miss this event

In almost every market, three change drivers are creating the need for a fresh look at traditional skills. These factors concern the changing use of technology, increased local and global competition and shifting customer buying patterns, demands and expectations. Customer decision making and loyalty is increasingly influenced by their ‘experience’ of buying, owning or using a product or how they feel as a user or customer of a business or enterprise.
By attending this event you will learn the best and latest thinking, ideas and models. Plus, you will be inspired with ideas, confidence and motivation by learning more from the leading companies using CRM and Customer Retention Skills to build their businesses.

Who should attend

Customer contact representatives, sales and Skills professionals at all levels, sales directors, managers, business owners, product managers, customer operations and
service professionals.

Key Benefits of attending

Many organisations invest heavily to develop and deliver quality branding, products and services but too often ignore the overall experience provided to the customer. How the customer feels about their experience is increasingly critical to customer’s purchasing and loyalty decisions. Delivering a valued CRM and Customer Retention therefore can drive customer growth, profitability and loyalty.

The course provides an understanding of how CRM and Customer Retention differs from customer service. It provides a practical understanding of the value and case for the development and delivery of a CRM and Customer Retention strategy. The course also provides a practical understanding of how to design and deliver a strategy and how it can drive customer growth, profitability, and loyalty.

By the end of this CRM and Customer Retention Skills course, you will learn how to:

  • Define a CRM and Customer Retention plan that brings your brand strategy to life and delights customers to stay with your organisation, spend more and more often.
  • Modelling the customer journey, contact strategy and identifying the key focus
  • Defining your organisation’s service culture – what excellence in service and retention looks like.
  • Measure customer value and loyalty and link to CRM and Customer Retention.
  • Develop a customer-winning approach to complaints and customer feedback.
  • Identifying the factors that cause customers to leave or split their loyalty.
  • Enabling the organisation to deliver your strategy – working with HR, sales and other departments.
  • Understand the psychological factors that encourage customers to become advocates of your business and generate direct or in-direct referrals.
  • How to use brilliant CRM and Customer Retention as a Skills tool and to leverage competitive advantage.
  • Assessing organisational capability and culture and identifying the key gaps.
  • Developing a team-based approach to change, winning cross departmental support.
  • Effective internal communication – how to get your message through to everyone.
  • Assess your organisation’s CRM and Customer Retention and methods to capture customer feedback and satisfaction.
  • Develop a customer retention offers, incentives and methods to encourage loyalty.
  • Developing the skills needed, in your or your team, to turn around defecting customers

CRM and Customer Retention Skills Day 1


This session introduces participants to each other and highlights some key definitions and overviews the subject.

  • Introductions and personal objectives
  • What is CRM and Customer Retention about and why it is important?
  • How CRM and Customer Retention differs from customer service?
  • How CRM and Customer Retention drives growth, profitability, and loyalty
  • CRM and Customer Retention in B2B and B2C – key similarities and differences

    The seven laws of CRM

This session examines seven key principles by way of reference to case studies and real life examples:

  • Building a clear picture of your end goal and inspire colleagues with this vision.
  • Building a customer journey map to reach that nirvana. Understand the key moments of truth.
  • Establishing and maintain an excellent working relationship with your frontline customer service team.
  • Prioritising your customer base.
  • Personalisation: Personalising your service, CRM and Customer Retentions and your Skills.
  • Sell the way customers want to buy: Never try to alter a customer’s behaviour.
  • Developing organisation CRM and Customer Retention vision, values and ethos.

The keys to customer retention in a team or organisation

  • Make customer retention a priority
  • Define what service excellence is to your customers
  • Create a customer-driven approach to Skills and competitive advantage
  • Measure customer satisfaction effectively
  • Empower your people to deliver customer service excellence
  • Recover well when things go wrong or expectations are missed
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Motivate people constantly to deliver high levels of customer care
  • CRM and Customer Retention Tools and Techniques – case studies and examples

This session looks at a variety of real-life examples and case studies.

  • CRM and Customer Retention research
  • Walking the CRM and Customer Retention talk
  • Assessing the CRM and Customer Retention process that you use
  • Identifying and assessing opportunities for improvement
  • Designing CRM and Customer Retention training plans
  • Designing emotional experiences
  • Implementing & embedding change
  • Building A CRM and Customer Retention Culture

This session looks at a case study for defining your CRM and Customer Service and Retention culture.

  • The four steps to defining your culture
  • Building continuous improvement
  • Building a business around value not procedures

CRM and Customer Retention Skills and customer complaints

This session reviews practical skills and techniques that can help in turning problems into opportunities for new sales and increased loyalty. Includes role-play and skills practices.

  • Who complains, what they complain about. The effect of it.
  • How the best companies deal with customer complaints and negative feedback
  • The effect on customer loyalty, profitability and market perception
  • Understanding what customers complain about; overview of research linking well-solved problems with customer loyalty

CRM and Customer Retention Skills and customer loyalty

This session reviews the relationship between loyalty schemes and CRM and Customer Retention Skills with participants sharing their own examples.

  • How companies encourage or reward loyalty – is this part of CRM and Customer Retention Skills?
  • Review of different schemes and programs based on customer prioritisation, personalisation and behaviour rewards and the impact on CRM and Customer Retention Skills.
  • Driving loyalty in price-driven market using CRM and Customer Retention Skills.


This session ask participants to prepare a short summary of their actions and intentions following the training.

  • End of course summaries
  • Reading list, resources and links.

The course features:

  • Outstanding content with real substance.
  • Cross-cultural references and content.
  • Unique and proven models – not simply ‘borrowed’ from other training programs.
  • High quality training presentation, utilising accelerated learning principles.
  • Group exercises and team activities, making each course a learning event.
  • High degree of participation and interaction
  • Advanced training skills, based on years of experience.
  • Personalised and relevant examples.


The facilitator of this course is international trainer/consultant and published author
Graham Roberts-Phelps.

This course is available on an in-house basis, either for live training, small group coaching or consulting.  Free quotation and personalised outline on request.  All training can be personalised to your business free of charge. Bespoke course design and development and white-label training a speciality, including e-learning.

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