Brilliant Customer Service Skills

Brilliant customer service skills training

Brilliant Customer Service Skills

“Ideal training for all internal and external customer service, support and technical staff.”

This course is aimed to create a consistent and quality customer experience based on outstanding communication skills, service values, respect and customer added-value.

Available as e-learning and on-line training with short motivational workshop.

Exceptional Customer Service Skills Training Course contains over fifty of the best customer service tips and ideas for improved productivity, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Learning points include…

  1. A proven model of advanced customer service excellence
  2. Managing expectations and turning around difficult customer requests
  3. Telephone tactics and techniques that really work!
  4. Email etiquette and best practice face-to-face communication skills
  5. Complaint handling and practical problem-solving
  6. How to keep a positive attitude, all day, every day.

This practical one-day customer service training course has a simple objective

Customer service trainer opportunity
Customer service training

“…to raise customer service and support standards by instructing, equipping and inspiring participants to delight all customers at every opportunity.”

Who will benefit?

All customer service, technical and support staff, managers and team leaders who support or work with either internal or external customers. The course is suitable for all sectors – large and small organisations, private and public sector.


The training is very practical and objective and uses real-life examples taken from your own experience.
The course includes:

  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and team activities
  • High degree of participation

Key learning points

  1. Establishing the standards, skills and systems that can make both customers and internal colleagues feel special; whether it is face to face, by email or on the telephone.
  2. Knowing and applying the key principles of delighting customers consistently – both the logical and psychological factors
  3. Learning a range of professional communication techniques, tools and skills to use to make customers feel valued and deliver above expectations
  4. Improving consistency of service experience by using proven principles, mind-set  and approaches
  5. Using the right communication skills to help customers quickly and efficiently, shortening the time involved and increasing understanding
  6. Developing a positive customer-focused attitude – leading to taking more ownership and accountability
  7. Making a composed and confident first impression, meet and greet, so customers feel welcomed and well cared for, particularly when they have a problem
  8. Personal skills for listening effectively and to enhance an understanding of what customers really want and expect, plus using the right words, phrases and voice tone
  9. Best practice in writing and responding to customers by email; managing your inbox and workload more easily
  10. Applying the customer value chain model and be able to quickly identify different customer needs and situations and change your approach accordingly
  11. Understanding customer expectations and delivering more than you promise – go for the delighted customer by managing and exceeding expectations
  12. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day, no matter what.
  13. Satisfying complainers, and calming upset customers, thus regaining confidence and goodwill
  14. Turning problems into opportunities – how to say “no” with a positive outcome
  15. Plus..any other requirements or ideas you might want to include

Training style

The training is very practical and objective. There are very clear and specific skills, models and techniques covered. The goal is on improving things that are already working, not going over old ground. Participants will discuss and plan new approaches on real-life examples taken from their own situations. It looks at both unpinning attitudes and proven skills and techniques.
Each module will feature a high-quality training presentation, group exercises and team activities and a high degree of participation and interaction.

The course includes regular discussion, planning and other practical exercises to develop and practice the skills and methods presented. Presentation and exercises will be tailored to specific situations from participants work: The style is up-beat and motivational.

Exercises and links to implementation of improvements

During the workshop there are four best-practice planning exercises. Here participants work
in groups on flip-chart pages to discuss, develop and record their ideas on the following themes:
• Applying the SPECIAL to their daily work with both internal and external customers
• Delivering to customer’s core values that they like, want and expect every time
• Best practice telephone techniques
• Best practice email writing and email etiquette
• Best practice in face to face communication
• In addition, each participant will summarise the most important learning points from session overall and present back to the group at the end.
• All of the output from these four learning activities will be saved, collated and summarised into a short Best Practice Summary once all workshops have been run.

Workbooks and materials

Handouts and a short summary workbook could be prepared to be used on the day. Copies of presentations used could also be distributed electronically. These can be printed or produced by In-house Training or you. We could provide finished master copy for you to print or we can provide a quotation for doing this on request.

The SPECIAL model

A unique feature of the training is the SPECIAL model…”Solve the problem and make the
customer feel special…”
Special elements that add value are:

Speed / time measures

Personal / personalise

Expectations / manage or exceed

Competence / courtesy Information / to be informed

Attitude / can do

Long-term relationship / follow-up

Brilliant customer service training – outline

Brilliant Customer Service

Six course main modules

  1. Rock and Role Models
  2. The SPECIAL approach
  3. Metrics and measures
  4. Calmer chameleon
  5. Best practice communication
  6. Problems into opportunities

Rock and Role-Models

  • Personal objectives and introduction
  • Real-life good and bad service examples
  • Benefits of Brilliant Customer Service

The SPECIAL approach

  • Customer service psychology – how to manage expectations and deal with difficult or demanding requests
  • How to make every customer feel special using a proven model
  • Qualities of customer service and support ‘superstars’
  • Building a customer-focused culture – call one call, email and conversation at a time

Metrics and measures

  • How to best to measure your customer’s service experience
  • Gaining feedback from customers
  • SPECIAL skills assessment model
  • Defining your added value through service brilliance

Calmer Chameleon

  • How to best to vary your approach to different types of customers.
  • Why some customers are more important and ‘difficult’ than others
  • Developing a Brilliant Customer Service ‘personality’

Best practice communication skills and more

The ten most important do’s and dont’s when communicating with customers:

  • Using the telephone
  • In writing, email or on-line
  • Face to face and with colleagues
  • Working smarter to increase personal productivity

Problems into opportunities

  • How to use preparation and previous experience to avoid problems.
  • Using the GREAT FUN model to fix recurring problems and dissatisfaction.
  • Real-life examples of how best to react, resolve and regain trust when mistakes or problems occur.

Pulling it all together

  • Action plans
  • Learning Diary
  • Summary of key learning points

The day includes

  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and activities
  • Video modules
  • High degree of interaction

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