Better Business Writing Skills

Better Business Writing Skills

Write high-quality, memorable content that communicates your message and gets results”

Write winning sales proposals, reports, business plans, emails, manuals and articles.

This one-day (also available in e-learning format) workshop-style training event covers all aspects of preparing, writing, proofreading, editing and producing high- quality letters and emails.  This is a mostly practical course, in which participants will work with real-life material, focusing on aim, language and style of different types of correspondence, to produce highly competitive and professional written material.
Participants will leave the workshop with solid skills in structuring, writing, editing and proofreading written correspondence.

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Who will benefit

Anyone who needs to be in contact with their customers, suppliers, co-workers, through written communication. Especially: Sales professionals, marketing staff, account managers, support and technical team members; senior managers and executives.

Key features

  1. Pre-course ‘red-pen’ review by trainer on participants’ documents sent before the course.
  2. Participants work on their own real-life documents; objectively editing and proofreading working in pairs
  3.  Detailed course manual and material, including:
  4. Business writing reference guide.
  5. Learning exercises to practice composing, editing and proofreading skills on emails, reports, letters and all other business documents.
  6. Email etiquette and best practice guide.
  7. Expert trainer who is an experienced and published author, with a solid background in sales, customer service and business training.

Key learning points and objectives

  • Use the seven elements of an impressive, inspiring and professional piece of written communication, regardless of its length or type.
  • Write any document in a way that radiates competence and courtesy that saves you and the reader time.
  • Learn how to quickly write different types of common letters and emails.
  • Identify the aim of a letter or email and structure accordingly and quickly.
  • Use more effective openings and endings – starting off right and ending correctly – for both emails and letters.
  • Know what your reader needs, wants, likes or expects from your email and letter reply – and then deliver!
  • Getting the balance right between formal and informal – whether for internal or external emails and letters.
  • Eliminating jargon, management-speak, clichés and non-sense. How to keep it short and simple without losing impact or appearing blunt or rude.
  • Email etiquette – the ten do’s and don’ts of email sending.
  • How to use the right style and tone when delivering bad news, apologising or resetting expectations.
  • How to structure a complex message where a response is required.
  • Editing techniques and skills practice to get your documents right first time.
  • Proofing reading techniques and skills practice.
  • Formatting and layout – using your software to best effect.

There are five main sessions to this training event:

Business writing 1: Objectives, planning, type and structure; good composing skills for emails, letter writing and good business written English
Business writing 2: Editing skills and proofreading techniques
Business writing 3: Email etiquette and email best practice
Business writing 4: Personal practice on participants’ own letters or emails; review and learning summary
Business writing 5: Formatting, design and production; Q&A

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The facilitator of this course is international trainer/consultant and published author
Graham Roberts-Phelps.

This course is available on an in-house basis, either for live training, small group coaching or consulting.  Free quotation and personalised outline on request.  All training can be personalised to your business free of charge. Bespoke course design and development and white-label training a speciality, including e-learning.

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